Need advice, for the tracking image and zapcode size


Hello, attach tracking image, when you scan it, you can see the

, 3d object of chicken.
i need to change the angle and the view for the mobile to see the chicken, what is the best solution, to make sure that when the user will scan the tracking image, always the 3d object will appear?


Hey there! My understanding of the problem is that you want to see the chicken during your experience, and that the Zapcode is in the way.

If that’s the case, there are lots of fixes:

  1. Shrink the Zapcode and put it in the corner of your pic. Zapcode can be super small: 8mm I think.

  2. Remove the Zapcode from the tracking image entirely and put it near or below the image. I think it improves tracking to have the Zapcode as part of the image, but it certainly works without it. It’s just needed to start the experience.

  3. If the image has to have the Zapcode in the middle, you could always cover it with a virtual copy of the chicken image. Bring the chicken image without the code into Studio and place it just in front of the tracking image. It will appear just before the tracking image, covering it.

Would this solve your problem?


Hello, thank you for your advice, but always you need to change the view of the mobile , to see the chicken , it is not stable, this what i mean, is there any good way to do, to make sure it will appear always ?


I’m not sure I get the problem. You say you need to move the phone to see the chicken? Is this a problem with tracking image stability or placement of your 3D asset?

Can you share. A screenshot of your experience in Studio?


Hello there.
the problem is that, when i am scanning the tracking image, i need to go the screen closer or far from the tracking image to see the 3d object, you may scan the image, and not seeing the 3d object, then you need change the view of the mobile closer or far away from the tracking image in order to see the object!


I had that problem as well with other projects. I think it has to do with a zapper app update. Because I didn’t have that problem before.



Hello Steve, this is really annoying things, how to solve this issue ?
do you have idea ?


Hi @eliaskhs,

Love 3D model of the chicken!

We have tried to replicate the issue you are explaining and the tracking seems to be working as normal.

When scanning the zapcode, the experience is initiated and then checks to see if a target image is in view. If it recognizes it as being in view then the assets of the scene are shown (Chicken model).

It seems as though what you are seeing is that the assets are not always shown, meaning the target is not recognized straight away. As you explained, when moving the device the assets in the scene appear because the target is in view!

What we can suggest is to follow the tips on What makes a good Tracking Image to try and improve the quality of the tracking. This may increase the time in which the target is recognized, reducing the issue you have explained.

You could also add a Look For prompt into the experience to explain to users that they must look at the target for the chicken to be shown. As explained in the forum post below.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


i do not think that the tracking image is the issue, i am using other tracking image, that is very very good as tracking image, but the issue i think is the sdk, like if you go 1-2 cm far away from the tracking image, but you still pointing the tracking image, the object will disappeared, that mean is not useful for such ideas for kids games !
is there anything we can do for this ?
mean the 3d object not stable at all…


Hi @eliaskhs,

Would it be possible to send us a video of this happening to This will help us understand, in greater detail, the issue you are explaining.

Thanks! :slight_smile:



Done, i sent video…
hope this will help .


Hi @eliaskhs,

We have replied to you directly but to help others that may have a similar issue we will also add the response here.

From the video that was sent across it showed a 3D model flickering from visible to invisible and back when the device was suddenly moved while looking at the target.

We believe the issue arises because the Look for prompt or a target not seen event turns all assets in a scene to invisible. The flickering of the model is the target not seen event being activated for a split second making it flash invisible and then re-appear as visible.

We have suggested removing the invisible state when the target isn’t in view. This should stop the 3D model from being turned invisible and ultimately stop the flicker.

Hope this helps!