My publish button doesn't seem to do anything


I’m attempting to test a concept that I’m working on in ZapWorks Studio.

When I click the publish button I see an uploading package status bar and then a publishing project status bar, that closes automatically and I’m back at my regular studio work space.

When I look in my ZapWorks account all my test projects still say Unpublished and have no publish history, when I attempt to scan my QR code I get a message that says Unable To Connect.

I’ve signed out of ZapWorks Studio a few times and reconnected, but I’m not seeing any evidence of the project publishing anywhere.


Hi @michael,

It sounds like you might not have an active subscription on your workspace. Can you please get in contact with us at from the email address linked to your ZapWorks workspace? We can double check this for you.




Thanks George! I think you’re right, I’ve sent an email to to support to chase down the issue. Thanks!