Multitouch From Scratch


Trying to wrap my head around the multitouch option in Studio. I can’t find just a basic use anywhere. My understanding is multiple touches = multiple things that can happen on each touch. So for example:

no touch - Plane is white
1 touch - Plane is green
2 touch - Plane is red

Is my understanding of this feature correct? Any assistance and clarification would be appreciated. If by chance a small, simple example could go along with it that would be super cool as well. Thanks.


I haven’t played with multitouch much yet. But here is what I have for you.
In the help docs…

You can get data for each touch so you could do your example.
Here is a quick demo code I made. It will tell the count of current touches.
I used some of the coding of the photo feature multitouch.
Multitouch Help.zpp (188.0 KB)