Multiple targets


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can i use 3 or four targets in my app?


@gianfranco.quaranta Hello!

Actually, unfortunately Zappar only support one tracking per experience :frowning:
Also, I want to indicate this post that people talk about it, you follow through this link:

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That’s not a 100% true. Zapper only supports one tracking image at a time. You can have more than one tracking image in an experience.



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When I said:

I meant that Zappar support only a functional tracking image! But okay, thanks by complete my answer! :smiley:

att, Higão.


Thanks higor and stevesanerd

if I understand correctly in the same app I can have more than one image tracking but I can use only one at a time. is it correct?



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Thanks @stevesanerd & @higor :slight_smile:

@gianfranco.quaranta while you can train up multiple target images in Studio (which will appear in the Media Library), the Zappar app does not currently support tracking content from multiple target images.

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