Multiple TargetInstance


Hi. I bought the ZapworkStudio.
I’m not clear if this supports many targets in the same scene (not simultaneously)

I read about TargetFinder

A TargetFinder searches for target images in the camera feed. It’s constructed with a file containing a description of the target image(s) to look for. This file, known as a target file, is produced by the “Train image” feature of ZapWorks Studio.

A TargetFinder creates a Target for each distinct image it finds. Some target files can describe multiple target images, or multiple variations of the same basic image. TargetFinders create new Targets for each separately identifiable target image it discovers in the camera feed.

In the case that the target file only contains a single image then only one Target will be created.

Once a Target has been detected by a TargetFinder, a TargetInstance is created. This relates to a specific occurrence of a Target appearing within the camera feed. If there are multiple occurrences of the same (thus identical in appearance) target within the camera feed, then multiple TargetInstances are created.

But this doesn’t happening for me.

Some idea? If this doesn’t works…there’s some way to clear the last TargetInstance and make a new on another marker?