Multiple image tracking

I am working on a project in which i have to add multiple image tracking in a single project using single QR code. Please anyone help me in this regards,. I would be very thankful to you.

If you haven’t I would look at this post. Destery and I have links to working file.


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I downloaded the .zpp file from the above mentioned thread (droid project) I imported to studio and published to webAR. I’m getting a 3D object artifact of sorts when switching or triggering the different images. EX. View the R2D2 target then move to C3P0 target. The R2D2 model is invisible to see unless it overlaps the C3PO model, then a masking effect takes place. I’ve attached an image to show. This invisible masking of the 3D assets; it has a stacking effect each time one is triggered and loaded.


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I believe that I’ve answered your query via email, however just in case this helps anybody:

Please note that multiple-tracked images in ZapWorks Studio is not officially supported, which may contribute as to why this is happening - if you require multiple targets, we recommend creating a ‘Hub’ experience which will be launched by your main trigger and then using deep-links to move between projects (or making one project and using the Universal AR SDK where you have more control over anchors).

This artefacting may also be taking place due to the render order. As the appropriate render order tends to be unique for each project, we recommended experimenting with it. We also have full Render Order documentation here:

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