Multi-user boxabilities?

Hey, is there any timeframe on implementing multi-user support for zapbox-experiences?


Hi Frans,

I think any estimates I would give you would have such large unknowns that they wouldn’t be much use to you. It’s the final ZapBox feature we will implement which means the estimates depend on how long other parts end up taking. My ZapBox estimates to date have been a little, ahem, optimistic :slight_smile:

As a very rough guide, “within the first half of 2018” would be nice.

Worth saying it is possible to roll your own solution in the current app - the app can send json to a server so if you set your own server up with something like diffsync then you have a way for devices to share data.

The bigger part of the feature on our side is to have us running that server, and providing ways to advertise and join shared experiences as part of ZapWorks.


Thanks Simon, might be that we try something like that or then we’ll be patient and wait :slight_smile:


What do you mean by having our own server?
I haven’t seen anything about using your own server. Granted I haven’t read everything either :slight_smile: