Multi / model start position on a bezier circle


Hi quite new to Zapworks and needing a little help. I want to place between 4 and 8 3d spheres on one or multiple bezier circles. each sphere would need a different starting point (to be visible). When I attempt to do this they all are at the top of the bezier and I cannot figure out how to manipulate co-ordinates or timeline to place them at different points. I don’t want to increase the beziers like in the planetary system tutorial. Any help appreciated thanks.


Hi @eric.davies,

It is possible to change the distance property to position content along a bezier curve. 0 relates to the start of the bezier and 1 relates to the end. So a value between the two should start the content at different points.

You can find out more information regarding bezier curves on our documentation site here: Bezier Curves.

Hope this helps.



Thanks George,

Is there an in-depth or very detailed training resource such as a video that takes you from beginning to end for the Studio?