MP4 not showing in Studio (black & white Checkerboard)


Hi Zapworks,

I’m having a problem with mp4 textures.
If I drop an mp4 file in the Hierarchy, the previes on the right top of the screen displays a black and white checkerboard.

The file is web optimalized and not to big (800x600px), even tried a very small size (220x160px) but doesn’t work either.

I’m trying to use this as a video texture but it won’t show me the firtst frame, think it’s because the preview is not shown either.

Please help!



Hi @jimmyjohnsieben,

You can play a preview of the video by selecting on the video in the Hierarchy and using it’s controls at the top of the Properties Panel. If the video is assigned to the material of an object it will be visible in the view port.

I will pass on that the preview isn’t working correctly and we can look into fixing it.

Hope this helps.