Moving an objects center point


I’m pretty sure I know the answer but thought I’ go ahead and ask the question maybe someone could answer. I was wondering if it’s possible to move the center point of say an image so that it rotates from a different location?


Hi @don.terrell ! :star:

I believe that I was able to answer your support ticket; however, after catching up on here, I noticed this post and thought it’d be great to explain how something like this can be achieved so it’s out in the open!

In fact, you absolutely can pivot objects to a different point - that said, you cannot choose this pivot on the object itself. Instead, you can make a ‘Group’ and position the object inside the group depending on where you want the axis to be. You can then rotate the group node, which will in effect rotate the object inside at your desired axis!

Here is an example of something like this in action:

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