Moto g6 play 2

Did you guys ever come up with a fix for my phone. I understand your in the UK and all but it’s
been close to 3 Do you just abandon problems you can’t solve?

Hi Robert,

There will be a new build of ZapBox for android out later this month. One of the changes in that build will affect devices with newer versions of android but that only support the latest camera API in “legacy” mode - on those devices we will now just use the older camera API directly.

One of our test devices had similar behaviour to that which you reported (controllers not detected) which was fixed by this change. We don’t have the exact device that you mention but I expect the issue will be a similar one. Unfortunately there are well over 5000 different devices that can access Google Play, so it’s just not possible for us to test every device.

We do have some other Moto G devices though (G4 and G5 I believe), and they are generally low-to-mid-end devices. They do not support manual camera controls through the official API so are not ideal devices for ZapBox. I did some experiments on them which suggested it may be possible to achieve at least semi-manual camera control through undocumented APIs, which would give lower motion blur and better ZapBox tracking. Before we can expose these options into ZapBox though we’ll need to write a UI so users can experiment with various hidden settings to hopefully find some that work on their own specific devices. That will not be in the next version I’m afraid.

When it comes to ZapBox on Android the current priority is to get some higher end devices working more on-par with the iOS ZapBox experience. We’ve made good progress on a large set of Samsung device improvements which will come with the next app build.

The build after that one is where we’ll aim to expose more internal camera settings through a UI to help people tweak their devices (especially those which don’t support the official manual camera API) are then next on the ZapBox priority list.

We certainly haven’t abandoned the problem.

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Thank you.

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