Missing Sign in Options - Workaround


Hey Everyone,

We apologise for the issues with logging in. This is a bug that we know about and are currently working on fixing. We think it may be linked to the auto-update of ZapWorks studio not being pushed through, so you may need to update. We currently run at v6.5.34 on mac and v6.5.35 on windows. You can update to the newest version at this link.

If this still does not work, we have a potential workaround for this issue. You should first log in to your Zapworks account in your primary browser at https://my.zap.works/. If you then open ZapWorks studio and click to preview or publish a project, it will prompt you to login. This will take you browser session log in details and log you in to your ZapWorks account within studio.

We have also changed the name of our certificate from ‘Zappar Ltd’ to 'Zappar Limited. If you or your company employs a whitelist feature for software, this will need to be updated to allow the new version of ZapWorks studio.

If you are still having issues with this, please get in touch with support@zappar.com with screenshots and details of your browser, browser version, and OS so we can provide more detailed support until a patch is released.

From Team Zappar :zap:

Can't publish - Sign In vanished

I’ve tried all of these options. Closed zapworks studio, logged into zap.works, re-open studio. When I go publish and click login with browser it just hangs, nothing happens. When I close the window it then says check that you have a good connection. I have a good connection. I have the latest version of studio. I’ve disabled firewalls, antivirus, etc…

please help!