Message typed in Z.device.snapshot() not working in WebAR

Hi guys,

I am using a custom message when the user takes a snapshot inside Z.device.snapshot(" ").

It is working perfectly when I run my code from the Zappar app but shows no message when I run my project in WebAR (not even the default #ZapparPowered).

Can you please tell a workaround for this.

Thanks in advance.


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Any workaround? Same problem here.

Just an update for this. Now on iOS15, it’s possible to share images. However I found out that it won’t work if you try to share the image with text. Not talking about Zappar, it’s an issue with Safari itself.

Sharing the image with text is only possible on Android, but on Safari if you try to share both only the text is shared facepalm. Zappar could only technically fix this issue for Android.

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