Measuring distance/lenght

Hello everyone,

Im very knew to Zapworks and WebAR in general and I was wondering if its possible to somehow measure the distance or length between two tracking points. The overall idea is to measure the length of different items (similar to the measure app on iPhone). something like an online ruler that could be accessed through web no an app. I was wondering if currently this could be done using the studio and what approach should be taken towards making something similar to this.

Good luck with your project!

Welcome to the world of Zapworks and WebAR - it’s an exciting place to be! In terms of measuring distances between tracking points, I’m still determining if that’s possible with the Zapworks Studio, but it’s definitely an interesting idea.
However, I did want to mention another online ruler that might be helpful for your needs - It’s an easy-to-use online tool that can help you measure the length of different items, just like the measure app on an iPhone. It’s accessible through the web, so an additional app is unnecessary.
While it may not integrate directly with Zapworks Studio, you could potentially use it in tandem with your WebAR experience to provide users with a way to measure the size of virtual objects.