Material Not showing up


Again I apologize for my lack of knowledge but trying to learn here. When I drag my fbx and mtl files together to the “Importing media files” area the IMPORT 3D window pops up but there is nothing there until I change it to Standard Lighting, Toon Material or Physically Based Rendering Material. Then it looks ok. I click finish. Then when I take the file and drag it to the root so that it shows up on screen it is all black UNTIL I change the Toggle Scene Light to Add Simulated light if none in Hierarchy OR Use simulated light only. Then it looks ok. However then when I go to Preview it, it becomes all black again. Meaning it looks to me like the material is not showing up but the shape of the object is. I’ve tried it with a obj file as well and I get similar results. I’ve uploaded my files so maybe someone can take a look at it and help. Files at:


Just from your post you need to add a light source as well. Setting add light in zapworks does not add it to the finished product.



Thanks Steve - But when I bring other elements like the free Zappar assets like the goal keeper or the dinosaur they show up fine without a light source.


That’s because the free assets were made before zapworks used lighting.
I made a quick demo with your model and added lighting.

Material help.zpp (373.3 KB)



Hi Steve - I see it now. Thanks!!
Sorry for the novice questions but trying to run my graphic design business and learn this stuff. Just not enough hours. Thank you!


No problem at all. I’m still learning as well. Just glad to help.