Masks in the face tracking

Hi to everybody! I tried to use masks within the face tracking and the head mask, but I’ve noticed that you can see the mask that works in the Studio scene, but in preview or publishing the experience the mask doesn’t exist! Has anybody tried to do this? I’ve seen a face tracked experience that had a background and the head is “cutted” like in a hole… How can I build something like this? Cheers!


Hey Marco,

You can use a Head Mask subsymbol (which will mask out the user’s face) and position a background image in the scene. The background image should:

  • be relative to Z.Camera instead of Z.Screen.
  • be positioned at a negative value in its Z axis.
  • have its Layer Mode set to full 3D.
  • be positioned lower in the Hierarchy than the Head Mask subsymbol.


Here’s a zpp with a basic demo for everyone to explore: Masked Out Face.zpp (568.9 KB)

Hope this helps.

All the best,


Many thanks! What about adding 3d models (hats, body…)? Where should I put them to work properly?

For this, you can use a regular Face Group, with the normal steps i.e. drag the Head Mask subsymbol into the origin group etc.

You’ll just need to position the background image lower than the Face Group in the Hierarchy. Here’s a zpp with an example of this: Masked Out Face with 3D Model.zpp (3.8 MB)

All the best,

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