Masking template & 360 full screen video help


I’m trying to use the masking template by adding a pointer down on the poster on the wall to show a full screen 360 video from stream.
I’m having a lot of trouble with this.
I also want to be able to add a pointer down on a button inside the 360 video to hide the video and go back to the main masking template room.

Can anyone help me with this?


So you are looking for something like window mask that has a streaming video behind it. Running the whole time and a button to show and hide the mask?

There is a post in the forms with a 360 video symbol. As for the mask it’s a 3d model that really thin. So you will need a 3D sphere that’s very thin. With a whole in it. In the shape you want to see thru.
There is a 2nd post on how to make your own masks.

I’m posting this from my phone or I would look up the links.



I’m using the masked template -
I’m going to create a room like the above but would like the posters on the wall to have a pointer down to open a 360 video stream video.
I can put a button inside the 360 video using the tutorial here - but I can’t seem to hide the video so it goes back to the masked room.

I had it working to open the 360 video but then i lost it by changing too much.

Here is one of my .zpp files. It doesn’t work though.
03.zpp (1.0 MB)


I maybe able to look at it tomorrow but if your just having a problem going back from the video symbol then have the button use the close command.

Closing a Screen Symbol

Once a subsymbol has been displayed, it can be closed by calling symbol.close(); from within the subsymbol.



I tired that in another one and it just didn’t work. think i’ve exhausted this now. lol
But thank you for your replies, Your a real gent and I appreciated your replies loads.

Many thanks



If I have time I’ll load it and see if I can help more.



Did I see you got this working on another post?



Yes i did indeed. and with your help too.
I’ll post the project file soon, it may help other people.
thanks so much.


Your welcome. I was going to work on it but saw a post that you got it.