Manipulate an object placed with WebAR instant tracker

Hi - I’m using studio to build an AR experience with instant world tracker. So far so good, but I want to know how to do 2 things.

  1. Allow the user to reset the tracker and place the object again.
  2. Once the object is placed, allow the user to rotate, scale and move the object with pinch and swipe gestures.

Is this possible? Please let me know ASAP.


There are several really cool built in features that you can add to your project. Just like adding the tracker you can add the ability to rotate, scale, etc… Click on the Plus symbol in the “Symbol Definitions” located in the lower right. After click the “+” symbol a window will appear here you will find a bunch of really cool things you can do. What you are looking for is under “Components” it’s called “Target Manipulator”. Once added it will provide some instructions on what to do. If you are having a problem you can always check here or YouTube.

To reset/place an object I am sure there is code around on this site on how to do that.

Hi @lee1,

Welcome to ZapWorks! :tada:

So, @stivalar is definitely right for the second question - we have a Target Manipulator subsymbol you should be able to use. You can find it in the ZapWorks Studio software and also on our documentation site here.

As far as adding a reset placement button - I’d definitely consider checking out the Controllers and States documentation, as I have created a quick example using the Instant Tracking subsymbol to show you how this behaviour could be achieved.

Instant_Tracking_Reset_Placement.zpp (1.0 MB)

The only difference to the original symbol is that I have created a Reset Placement UI Group node which includes a replacement button. In the Normal State script, I use the code:

symbol.nodes.Replace_Icon.on("pointerdown", (e) => {

To go back to the Placement Preview state once the appropriate icon has been tapped.

Hopefully this helps!

Have a great day!
Francesca :blush: