Making layer visible onscreen, but not on GIF when recording GIF



As the topic title states:
I’d like to record an onscreen GIF, with layers that are visible onscreen while recording, but are invisible in the final GIF. Is that possible?

I’d like to tell the user that de GIF is recording for X-seconds (onscreen), but ofcourse I don’t want this visual feedback to show up in the recorded GIF.

Thanks in advance!



Hi @dvdkamp,

The GIF recording functionality in Studio captures whatever is displayed on the device screen, so there’s no way to remove UI assets from the GIF produced.

Could you potentially let the user know how long the GIF will record for before activating the recording?

All the best,


That indeed is what I did in the end. But it doesn’t seem logical. Can’t this be a new feature of the GIF-functionality?