Make object move as you move the camera


Suppose I have a 3d object, and as I move closer or further from the tracking image, the object moves as well. My intention here is always showing just a part of the 3d object, then upon further actions I can reveal the rest of the object. Is this possible? Is there an event that triggers when the user moves his phone up, down, right, left? Not the rotation, which the accelerometer takes care of, but the position of the phone.


Are you looking for something like this?
Zappar VR - Tom & Jerry, Steam Roller Run



Somewhat, it just doesn’t involve photospheres. Imagine that when tracking the image it shows a hand holding a cup, and if you tap the hand descends and puts the cup on the table. That works, except if I move closer to the tracking image I can get below the hand, then I don’t see it anymore until I tap again and the hand descends.

I found a perfect example of what I want to do: