MAC Mini Zappar's problem


Hello Everyone,

Last year I had this same problem and I still have it! When I open the Zappar in my Mac Mini, the plataform just feedback of a daisy message, like this:

EDIT: I reuploaded the print just down the page.

I do not know what to do and now with my computer broken, I have no how to use zappar :frowning:

Att, Higor.


Hi Higor,

I’m not able to see the image you uploaded, could you please try re-uploading it?

Could you please let me know which version of Studio you’re running?

The latest version is 5.0.15-stable Ella.



Hi @sebastian,

Thanks for awnsering. Yes I’m using the latest version of Zappar on MAC.
About the print…

att, Higor.


Thanks for sending that again @higor.

I’ve bumped the team on this issue and will let you know when I have an update from them.

Thanks again for your patience while we resolve this issue.

All the best,
Seb :slight_smile:


Hey @Seb,

Thanks a lot for taking a look into this problem. This is a very old problem that I’ve :confused:
But okay, I’ll be looking this post for news!

att, Higor.


Hey @higor,

Hope you’re well.

We released a new version of ZapWorks Studio yesterday (you can download it from here :slight_smile: ), which has improved error logging.

When you open Studio for the first time you’ll be asked to consent to the collection of data.

Could you please do so, and take the same steps taken previously when encountering the errors in Studio, as we’ll be able to collect further data on the daisies.



Thanks a lot Seb!

I’ll check this out asap! :smiley:

att, Higor.