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Hi Zappar,

I was wondering if there is an limitation to the image quality in the online editor. We are trying to make a click-trough explanation of some software but the screenshots tend to lose a lot of quality, as if Zapworks downsamples them after uploading. Is there a limit and if so is there a difference between Zapworks online editor and the Studio?

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Hi There,

There’s no limit as such but all media uploaded into the online editor is subject to compression to help it load and run across as many devices and internet connections as possible.

ZapWorks Studio gives you much more flexibility over the quality and compression level of assets uploaded, though it’s still good to try and compress where possible to keep the final download size down.

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Hi Mark!

That does explain a lot. Thank you for your quick response!

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I’m having the exact same problem. I have encoded/optimised my video to 22mb which is relatively small. But the Designer turns it into potato cam footage. Tried uploading hi res, and still does the same. Does not matter what I do, Designer is compressing it into useless footage.

I tried to use studio, but when I placed a video (any video, I tried a few) it just gives me a box in the right hand corner with chequered squares in it, and shows no video. Tried uninstalling and re-installing studio and just got the same thing.


Hi Geo,

We’re aware of an issue which is causing Videos uploaded to Designer to be compressed by an unusually large amount. We are investigating this, and I’ll let you know as soon as I get an update on this.

In the meantime, we recommend you use Studio if you have access to it for greater control over video compression.

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This is seriously giving me issues. The video I’m trying to use is going to complete ■■■■. Is there anything that can be done? Is the a smaller file size that it wont downsample it to ■■■■!?

I have to use the Zapcode I have as the print for this is already at press - so I don’t think I can covert to Studio as a solution…


Is there a way to use studio if you already have a set Zapcode in Designer you HAVE to use (that has already been sent to press)

No matter if I make my video 10m or 2m it looks like rubbiiiiisssh. This is really a big problem for me.


I would send your request to themat support@zappar.com. I think they can change it to a studio code from there end.



Having a similar issue. Image has gone to print as we are working under tight deadline. Any update would be appreciated.


Thanks Steve,

Although unfortunately just realized we’re working with a basic plan and don’t have Studio - Shouldn’t have to pay 3 times as much to get a 2m video to play at a decent quality on a tiny phone screen. Sigh. Just venting.


I can understand that. I would just email them. @olimouni and @designerscoast They check the forms but I know 2 of them are out of the office right now. So…



Hi guys,

Just letting you know that we’ve rolled out an update which resolves an issue with higher than usual video compression in Designer. Videos that are uploaded to Designer should now display with better quality :slight_smile:

Note that videos you upload to Designer are automatically zapified, meaning that videos are converted to a format suitable for the Zappar App. It also compresses your videos to reduce the size of your experience upon download. If you’d like greater control over compression, be sure to use Studio.

Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused, but please let us know if you still have issues and we’ll be happy to help!

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There are efficient editors available that compress your image without decreasing the quality of image


Thank you Bob, hopefully this resoves the issue. Will give it a try next weekend.


Using this online tool, you can easily compress any type of photo…