Looking to hire a Zapworks designer


We are a custom residential remodeling company. We are looking to engage a Zapworks designer who can simply set up our Sketchup models into Zapworks so our clients can view the sketchup in AR. Does anyone do this work for hire?




Could you give an example of a Sketchup model that you need to use?
If the model is too complex with more than 100k polygons, it could be very hard to optimize and import it in Zapworks Studio. I made this process a lot of times, and sometimes it works fine but often there a lot of issues to fix, and work to be done to optimize the 3D model.


Is there a place to hire a Zap developer? it seems past even the most basic interactivity or something that is not covered in the basic tutorials, anyone without coding skills gets stuck… there must be a resource we can tap in to?


are you a developer?


Hey Tom,

At the moment there is no formal marketplace for hiring a ZapWorks developer, however it is something that we have been exploring as a way to help the community find freelancers and more work.

In the meantime, my suggestion would be to use the forum. It might help to post details of the work required on an existing freelancer jobs board such as https://www.upwork.com/, and then posting a link here.

Just as a legal piece, any contract undertaken would be between the two parties involved and Zappar wouldn’t accept any liability if the event that something went wrong.



Thank you for this. I will look in to posting on upwork. I have an other question. Trying to get videotexures to work but the example Ive found in the support docs does not sufficiently explain how to implement. Is there a project file I can download and inspect and figure out how it works. Im trying to have the target image animate (using a 256x256 ogv video or I could do with stills if possible)

From what I understand the videotexture must be attached to a 3D object but Im only able to produce .fbx and .obj and its calling for a .pod or a .aro (how do I create an .aro? can that be done within Zap Studio?) Ive imported a simple .obj file in the hope to apply the video texture but cant figure it out :confused:


Hi @tom.gregory,

This article explains how to use video in the 3D view in Studio (there are a couple of videos in that page too, using Z.VideoTexture.

ZapWorks Studio supports both FBX and OBJ files, as well as POD.

You can find more information on using 3D models in Studio in the 3D section of our documentation site.

Hope this helps.

All the best,


Hi Tom,
sorry for the delay… I’m not a coding developer, but I’ve been using Zapworks Studio every day for a couple of years! So I know many things about it :wink: I work as art director for the Italian partner of Zappar, Viewtoo.



thanks for this. I actually figured out a work around using a timeline and a frame sequence (this actually allows larger than 256px textures)


Thanks for the reply Marco. Have you figured out how to code a swipe left/right and would you be able to help me out with it? Im willing to pay for your time, let me know and I will fwd you my project file if you think you can help.




Hi Tom,
surely it can be done. Let me have a look at your assets :slight_smile:

mail me at:
All the best,


Thanks so much. I have a little more to add to the project and then I will email you.



Sebastian thanks for your reply. Ive got my project very close to completion there a just a few little bugs that I was hoping someone from the Zapworks team could help me out with? Can I email over my project .zpp file?

Thanks Tom


Chris, there are no freelancers listed with Zap coding as a skill. What would you suggest I should search for with regarding finding a suitable candidate? Java Script AR coding etc?







Javascript is going to be the key skill. I don’t know your project but some background with 3D models is also going to be important for a lot of experiences.

I would reach out to one or two of the previous competitions winners as well:

They are are all pretty useful with a script node.


Hi @tom.gregory,

Sure, you can send the zpp over to support@Zappar.com.

Could you please also provide a description of the error(s) in your email, along with screenshots if possible?



I will do. Not had much luck when emailing that address but I will mention you this time



Hi john
I am Hamed a winner of the zappar competition,I am a Zapwork studio developer in an AR agency,would you please inform me more about your sketchup?
Thank you
Hamed Miri


Sebastian, as with all my other emails to support@zappar.com. Ive had no response :confused:
Can you help?