Looking Glass Effect - Depthmask


Hey all,

This is a screenshot from an instagram page that creates these AR cards, and within the effect of this AR card, they use this ‘Depthmask’ thing to create an effect where the AR content is contained all within a frame that one can look into, I want to know how to mimic this effect? I would assume it would include some kind of invisible wall effect? Please if anyone knows let me know

Thank you!


Zapworks has what’s called a mask. It will make something like that. I think there is a demo in zapworks load page if not look under competition pages on the form for the masking competition.



Hey Steve Thank you for your help on this and my last question!

Did you know perhaps how to recenter your camera on an object? The camera is so easy for the user to lose sight of their focused object/image


When you say lose sight do you mean that the user is not looking at the tracking image but it’s still on the screen. Or that when they are looking at it the zap it moves around?

If it’s the first you will need to set the seen and not seen to show or hide your zap when the tracking image is or isn’t seen.

As for the zap moving around that has to do with the quality of your tracking image. Poor tracing images will move around and get lost.

Lastly I have found older device sometime can’t keep up.

Ps. I’m glad to help!!


Ah I meant in the editing interface, sometimes i orbit out or panel out of control and lose sight of what I’m making completely and can’t find it and just have this empty space, I found however that you can reset the view to default and top down left etc. so problem solved :slight_smile:


Yea that’s a big problem for me as well. I think I told the guys about it when this new ver came out.