Looking for correct scripting


Hi there,

I am just working on my first major project which includes a multilingual functionality.
I am using a node just like the age gate in the winning Sipsmith competition: a plane that shows up first with two buttons for two languages. As soon as one of the buttons is clicked this plane is supposed to disappear giving its way to the target image and the experience. For specific reasons I did not want to set the language switcher (“Sprachauswahl”) as a sub symbol but as a group.

So, this is my coding:

const display_shown = symbol.controllers.display.elements.shown;
const display_hidden = symbol.controllers.display.elements.hidden;

const Sprachauswahl = symbol.nodes.Sprachauswahl;

parent.on(“show”, () => {

// Make sure we start from fully hidden

// Move to the shown state


parent.one(“show”, () =>{



Sprachauswahl.on(“pointerup”, () => {

There must an error in the line Sprachauswahl.display(); for it is no sub symbol.

Being an absolute newbie in TypeScript, I would be very grateful for some help!!