Long corridor experience



I’m currently looking into creating an experience that would allow the user to walk down a corridor that has interactable objects within it.

My first idea was to use the corridor as a World Tracking 3D Model and then place the interactables within this. Would this be stable, would the perspective always be correct as the user is walking down the corridor. Am I relying too much on the user when scanning the floor etc at the beginning of the experience.


Is there another way I could do this? Ideally I don’t want to use multiple triggers, or, scraping the barrel… is there a way to break the corridor into several parts but still keeping it seamless?

Any help and suggestions would be much appreciated at this early concept stage.




I guess first how are you thinking of running this?
Zappar App, WebAR or UAR. Because that can make a big change to what you can do.

Zappar App has World Tracking and Extended Tracking. But the Extended Tracking will use extra tracking tags.

WebAR does not have World Tracking yet so that may not work for your needs.

UAR can be ran in WebGL and with plug-ins from other programs (EX. Unity) you cold maybe able to use a GPS plug in. Not sure haven’t seen anyone do it yet. So you would have to look in to it.



Hello Steve,

I was going to use the Zappar App.

I’ll have a look at the Extended Tracking link to see what that entails.

It’s really early stages at the moment as I still have no idea how long the corridor is etc. Just trying to get ahead of myself so I’m a bit more confident with any questions that are put my way.

Thanks for your response.