Loading the video before displaying


Hello Zapmonkeys.

I have a video that will load. the first frame of the video is the tracking image. I would like to first lead the video to avoid the buffering when it is streaming. We put the video in a very fast server so that loads quickly but I wonder if we could have seamless transition without the (“I am loading”)


I did something like that with my ISS one. I set it to play on load but then paused it. You may need to hide the video till your ready.



You are star Steve! Why didn’t I think about that before ? :wink:


Hi Milenne,

If you are using the Video Player subsymbol you can comment out the buffering event handler that is located within the subsymbols show script on lines 75 - 81.

This will remove the buffer screen (seen below) being activated while the video is in the buffer state.

The video will also emit a ready event. I think you could default the video plane to not visible and use this to show it only when it is ready to play. I haven’t tested this yet but it could be something like this.

myvid.on("ready", () =>{

Hope this helps.



Thank you George.
It didn’t work. The buffering yes but I still see a black plane just before it plays.

I also added the code inside the subsymbol but the black plane appears before the video:-(