Loading content in background/linking to other experiences


Hello. I’m not sure if this has been requested or if there is already a solution.

I would love a way to cache experiences after loading so that users could experience a simulation while an asset is loading.

Related to that, I would love a way to call another Zap experience from within an experience.


Hi @donnav,

In regards to caching an experience, check out my reply from this other thread:

When an experience is scanned by the Zappar app it is downloaded and cached to the device, meaning the experience doesn’t need to be re-downloaded for any subsequent scans.
This functionality also means that the experience would be available while offline, as long as it had previously been scanned on the same device.
However, if the app’s cache is cleared then the experience will have to be scanned and downloaded again.

Is this the sort of functionality you had in mind?

Also, launching a second experience from within the first is possible with our ‘Deep Link’ feature.

Hope this helps, please let me know if you have any other questions.

All the best,


Hi! Thanks so much for the info about Deep Linking. That’s valuable.

I was thinking more along these lines: say I have a complex experience with a large download size. What I want to do it download some elements … such as the title screen, initial board, etc. While the user is experiencing this, I would like to cache larger assets in the background.

I’m picking up that this might not be possible.


Hi @donnav,

As you mentioned, this functionality isn’t currently possible as the entire experience is downloaded when the zapcode is scanned.

We recommend keeping experiences under 5MB, so download times (i.e. the time the ‘scanning’ screen is displayed) are usually not long enough to justify the addition of a splash screen.

All the best,


Thanks. I appreciate the advice.

Are there plans for this in the future?


In some of the larger experiences in the past our team has separated out content into different zpp experiences and deep linked between those from within the app. This is the closest thing we have to loading parts of a larger experience bit by bit.