Little Demo using 3d model, mask, sound etc


Here is my first little demo using Zapworks Studio.
It’s only for fun, but I tried to use Mask, 3d animation, timeline, basic script etc. I already wrote somewhere a list of graphic user interface improvement that I might share later in the forum.

It runs smoothly on my Ipad wich is great, but a bit laggy on my Galaxy S7. I used a 3d model from Sketchfab that is not so heavy, the global file is around 4.5Mo.




Good work. With a little refine will be great.
Thanks for share.

@MrPropre This is great (and very, very cute)! Love the use of sound and the tumbling leaves, really atmospheric. Looks fantastic on the iPhone XS I’m using.

Would you be ok with us documenting the experience and sharing it as a community example on our social channels? Happy to give you credit and can tag you if you let me know your social media (Twitter/Instagram) handles. Would be great to inspire other ZapWorks users with this!

Hi reginato and @ james.wright,

Thanks for your comments. And yes of course you can share this little experience in the community. here is my Instagram (but I don’t use it a lot).

For all the credits, here is the list of sketchfab models and pictures I used:

I think it might be possible to have a better tracking image because I added the Zapcode after the process of training the target in Zapworks, I guess the zapcode can help the tracking process somehow?


Super helpful @MrPropre - thanks so much! It’s up on our Instagram in all its glory, appreciate you for letting us share it with the world.