Lip Tracking

We are building out an experience where lips are tracked and colours are overlayed on the lips, this is built in Unity for WebAR. We have not been able to get great results and I think it may be due to the number of points tracked on the lips on the face mesh. Is there any way to increase the tracked points? Any other help in this space would be appreciated.

Hi @perry.spur

are you using face landmark or mesh for tracking lips?

I imagine mapping lip texture with alpha to the face mesh should help you in achieving the desired results. Can you share some image reference for us to better understand the expectations?


Hi @Shubham
We were using the mesh.

Any feedback for us?

Hi @perry.spur,

It’s not possible to increase the number of tracked facial features in UAR. The mesh update is based on 50 identity and 29 expression feature points, which is embedded at quite low level.