Lightning in Zapworks Studio

I have tried to export this model from Blender as .fbx.
This model has some materials with textures, which I have been able to apply. The other materials have been created by changing the color and some other metrics in Blender, no normal maps or things like that. These materials transfer quite well to the Studio.
The problem is that when I bring it into the Studio, the model stays black (even if there is an enviroment light) and when I add a Gravity Light, it is positioned in a random place and I can’t move it. This results in the model with a very bad lighting. How can I move the light to get a good lighting?
Captura de pantalla 2022-01-11 a las 13.32.28

Hi @nikolas.iturregi,

The Gravity Light / Gravity Env Light are lights that will always shine down from above the user, regardless of how they are holding their phone. It uses the device gyroscope and accelerometer to accomplish this, because of this you can’t edit the position of the light in the scene.

If you want to create your own lights and position those, you can add them directly into the Hierarchy: Right-click on the root node → lighting.

I’d recommend having a look at our lighting documentation, found here. It explains the different types of lights that Studio features and which material types they react too.

I believe in the model symbol itself, you can up the “Num Pixel Lights” on the materials, which will assign the number of lights in the scene that the object will react to.

If you are still having issues getting this model to light correctly, feel free to share the project ZPP and we’ll take a look.



Thanks George! I finally get it, but I have another question.
When I import an .fbx in “Physically Based Rendering Material” mode, the complete model is too glossy. Why is that? Perhaps I might be doing something wrong.
Captura de pantalla 2022-01-13 a las 16.35.42

Hey @nikolas.iturregi,

Looking much better! In regards to the glossiness, I’d have a play around with the material properties in the model subsymbol. Double click on the model symbol in the Symbol Definitions panel and click on the materials in the Hierarchy. You can then edit specific properties, like roughness, metalness , etc. I have a feeling messing around with roughness might do the trick!