Lighting and Shadows


Heya Gang I’m back with another question.

So i’m currently working on an AR poster that features a 3d animation and after applying lighting of any kind i’m at a bit of a loss as the models on the zappar app are casting some hard shadows especially on the ship design which is the centre piece of the animation. I could do with a little bit of advice as to how i can fix it if possible. on the zapworks studio it shows up with softer shadows from a spot light placed above it. (I’ve attached some screen shots below)


EDIT: So! i was able to figure it out by triangulating my models, now i have a smooth model without any harsh shadows!


Hi @Nythim,

Hope you’re well!

Thanks for the images of the scene, looks like you’ve got a cool idea that’s coming along nicely.

Unfortunately, without having a look at the scene and the models, it’s hard to definitively tell whats causing the issue. However, it looks as though the model of the ship is reacting with the lighting in the scene and creating hard shadows much like you explained.

The issue may be caused by the type of light that you have added into the scene and the intensity/range/priority properties applied to it. Please check out our types of light documentation as this explains and gives visual examples of the different types of lighting that can be used withing Studio.

The lighting within the preview can also vary compared to what is shown in the scanned version of the experience, it is best to preview and test during the development stages to get this exactly how it should be.

If you are still having issues with the shadows, please send a copy of the ZPP and the 3D models to so we can take further look into this for you and try to find a solution.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: