Launch web AR only from a QR code, not from a URL


I want to be able to launch web AR only from a QR code, not from a URL.:disappointed_relieved:

Do you have any ideas? I’m a beginner so I don’t know how to do it.

For example, put a specific referrer in QR code, and if the URL doesn’t have that referrer, cannot be able to launch web AR.


Hi @kou.fukuyama,

It might be helpful to know that we have an article about Project Triggers here, which goes through each of the different types of triggers you can launch your projects with on You can also customise certain elements of your triggers by going into the relevant options menu:

In the case of a QR code trigger, upon scanning, it will launch the URL of your project in WebAR. You can reset your WebAR experience and return to scanning mode using the reset() function.

If you want to customise your QR codes further (beyond the customisations we provide), you may want to look into a third party solution yourself, though we will be unable to provide support for this.

You can have more than one trigger assigned to your projects, however, it’s worth noting that each of those triggers will only launch the project it belongs to (i.e. the one you added it to) - handy to know if you plan on deep linking through experiences.

Hopefully that is useful;

Have a lovely day!
Francesca :blush: