Launch external url after video finished


Hi. I have created a video in zappar. I want it to launch a external URL, anyone know how to do that?



If your using the Video Player you can use the symbol emits " video:finish"
to call your URL.



hi Steve. Thanks for the reply. I have done this tutorial
and I want to launch a url after the video is done. any suggestions?

thank you


If you copied the tutorial you should only need to add it code to your show script.
You may need to replace any of the “” in the code (IE “”) after you paste it.
When you copy from the form and paste to zapworks it doesn’t alway use the right ones.

symbol.nodes.Simon_Flying_masked_mp40.on(“finish”, () => {
// Runs when finish occurs on the Simon_Flying_masked.mp40 node

// Simon_Flying_masked_mp40.restart(); // Loops video
Z.device.launchUrl(""); // Change to website you would like.




I will try this. Thnak you so much.