Jittery images, walk back more than 6ft, show large images



I am a fairly new user, and have a pretty good handle on using the web-based tool, have reviewed a lot of tutorials which are very helpful. However I am a bit stumped. I am using Zapworks to show images of art scaled to what should be actual size, based on width and height settings where 37.5 equals 1". This works well but the images of the art are jittery. I have tried changing my tracking image to be sure it is optimized and have even tried using no tracking image but neither of this helps.

Also the images of art don’t hold scale once you walk backwards about 6 feet (they pop back to a small size), which means I also can not display really large canvases.

Can you help me resolve these issues or explain how I would find these issues in the forum?
the project is called Bruno B. Art Collectif AR Shop 01.

thank you


Hi dbcsgdebra,

I’d first recommend you check out our recommendations on what makes a good tracking image. This will help improve tracking image stability, however, due to the nature of your project (showcasing different posters and sizes on to a leaflet), both the quality of your phone’s camera and the size of your leaflet will affect your tracking. We generally recommend that you increase the size of your leaflet if possible to increase the tracking area your camera can use.

I’d also recommend that you disable Grab-and-Go, as once the tracking image is no longer in your phone camera’s view, your content will resize to the size of your phone’s screen, which includes content across all scenes, even ones not visible at any one time.

Hope this helps, and please let us know if you have any other questions.



hi Bob that is super helpful in fact. I do have a good tracking image now–I had one that showed a few areas resulting in “poor” quality but revised it and now all falls under either green or yellow. But I will try increasing the size of the leaflet which I think may be the culprit, though this will make it more difficult for people to print as the current “leaflet” is a piece of paper that is 8.5x11. We may have to live with it, in other words, for folks who print out the leaflet, and perhaps we will print poster sized leaflets to distribute to folks who attend pop-ups, and can mail some to customers who have purchased in the past. I will also disable Grab-and-Go which will solve the problem of the image snapping back.