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hi @simon or anyone from the @zappar team
I have never been able to resolve the jittery image issue using ZapWorks and need someone to reply to the email I sent to support as my renewal is coming up and I want to keep using it but have not been able to use and promote to our customers due to this issue. I am trying to hire someone who knows more than I about all of this to help me, like perhaps they can figure it out via the desktop version. Please reply to the email I sent to support last week (May 5).
thank you


Hi @dbcsgdebra!

It looks like I have responded to your ticket, so hopefully you receive it soon! :blush:

A jittery tracking image is usually down to the image you are attempting to track not following the best practices guide - we actually have a fantastic article all about best practices so that you can get the most out of your tracking/target image - click here to go straight to it.

Please bear in mind that the environment that you are scanning in can also cause some jitter. For example, viewing your image on a computer/laptop screen will be less effective than if you print it out. This is because screens often have a shiny/reflective surface and so can distort the image.

Hopefully that is helpful!

Have a great day
Francesca :relaxed:


hi thank you so much, I have followed all of the best practices and finally gave up. I have not been able to use the app really. I do have a link to our experience on our website but have not actively promoted it. It’s been a year basically and I am hoping to finally get some help making this work. I even put feelers out to AR VR developers but have not heard back. People think this is a cool idea, I just want it to work without jittering.

Can you please help?


Hi @dbcsgdebra,

Thank you so much for your support ticket, I have replied and am looking forward to your response!

If you’re ever unsure, please don’t be shy because we have a great documentation site (which we are continuously updating) and we’re always happy to help at support@zappar.com if you need further clarification about anything! :zap:

Have a lovely day,
Francesca :blush: