I've got my license - now what?


I am interested in building this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ft7qCVyMciM - it’s a one minute video about Simon Cowell and I really like the look and feel of this Zap code. How was it created? Using scenes? Buttons? transitions? Storyline files embedded? Does anyone have any ideas? How can i find out if my license provides the features and tools needed to create this?
Thank you,


Hey Reena,

You can make this experience using Widgets. Simply drag and drop your content in to the Widgets editor and, once you scan the zapcode, the experience will appear very similar to the video :slight_smile:

Let us know how you get on!



Hello there! Thank you for the response. I have two problems: 1. What you suggested above, didn’t work. The center picture never appears. 2. Now it says my license is invalid. Who can i reach out to - because we purchased my license over a week ago, and I have yet to have a good experience.


You may want to email them. The forms are helpful but sometimes email them is faster.


Ps. Remember they are in London and it now after 5pm there.


Just ordered more zapcodes so I was able to take a look at this more for you. It looks like the guys at zappar used zapworks studio to make this. I think they made a reusable subsymbol for most of it.

Are you looking for buttons that just have photos flipping or more? Ex. All the flashing and things?

The more I know the more I maybe able to help.



Hi Reena,

We’ve received your email today, and have responded from support@zappar.com. Could you please ask your IT admin if there are any blacklists set against either contact@zappar.com/ support@zappar.com? We can’t seem to get in touch with you through there.

I’ve extended your free trial by a further 30-days, meaning that it will expire on October 5th. In addition, you should be able to set a Center image for your Widgets zapcode. Could you please send that over so we can have a look?

Hope this helps, and hope to hear from you,