Issues with training and image


Is anyone else having issues with training an image into studio.

When I try and train the image Zapworks Studio shoots immediately into the background (behind other apps open on my pc)

The file name appears in the folder structure in the right, but it doesn’t look like its uploaded correctly. When I bring it into my root, I just get the checkered board effect.

I’m using the latest version of studio …. V6.5.35

My image dimensions are 1226 x 1080 (even dimensions) 72 DPI and RGB color mode

This seems to a problem in general as well as it also happens when working with VBX models on import … when the program hides itself behind other windows

Please can someone assist as these are live clients’ projects that I’m working with.

Kind Regards



So while not the same issue, I have had times when Studio will “train” an image seemingly instantaneously, but when I add to the hierarchy I get that same checkerboard plane you’re describing.

In my experience, a checkered trained image can usually be solved by exporting a smaller version or lower res version of the tracking image. It still tracks just fine, assuming the ttacking image itself has enough visual information in it. Maybe the original file is just too large or something? I’m not too sure.