Issues with placement of 3D models in Instant tracking

I am trying to recreate egg-toss game in AR, I have created the scripts and it works well in 3D playcanvas but it wont work in Zappar
Playcanvas 3d game:

Any help regarding this would be helpful.

Hi @mihir,

I’m not sure if I’m looking at these project URLs a little later on in development, but it looks like the scripts in your PlayCanvas 3D Game differ to your Zappar for PlayCanvas SDK implementation.

For example, the egg in the PlayCanvas 3D game has a ‘movement’ script component, whereas the egg in the project including Zappar for PlayCanvas only contains a .GLB loader script. :egg:

As it stands, I can load your experience up and use the button to place the content using instant tracking.

Is there any more information you could provide that we can help you with?

Have a great day!
Francesca :blush:

Hi @Francesca,
Thank you for your input. The movement script just adds impulse on click other than that it does not do any changes to the positioning or scaling of the egg object
this is the resultant I am looking for which I am not able to achieve when I add the 3D assets to the zappar template for manipulate.

Screenshot_20211014-165314__01 Screenshot_20211014-165324__01

This is what I am getting currently when I add the 3D models to zappar. The egg is way above and huge as compared to what it is seen in the playcanvas editor scene.