Issues with importing tutorial assets


Hi there,
I joined your community recently - right now I am trying to rebuild the 360 panorama project following the tutorial.
Unfortunately, I am lost right at the very beginning trying to import the assets and getting the warning “This file is invalid or unsupported” when importing any of the given assets. The same goes for some 3D models I tried to import - models that fit the limitations and conditions as fixed in the doc.
What is to do?

Best regards


Hi @ausserhofere,

Welcome to the community!

Could you please confirm that you have unzipped the files in the asset folder? These files won’t import until they are unzipped / extracted from the original folder.

Let me know if your still having issues. :slight_smile:



Hi George,

thanks - indeed, I took the files from a Winzip extraction preview without really extracting them…


George, it is me again. I now found the amazing World Tracking Portal Template - exactly what I was looking for to play around. Now it is the same “invalid or unsupported” warning when I try to import jpg or png that I had imported without problems in other projects before. Those files are certainly unzipped….