Issues with 3D model import studio


Hi, some body knows why my model turn to a mess when I import into Zapworks, I tried in .obj, .fbx and .glb (this is the faster for me) I checked out the documentation and the model is correct. I don’t know what else can I do to improve the model. Can you help me?


I’ve had similar issues. Your model has geometry issues the Studio doesn’t like. Even if it appears normal in a 3D modeling software, studio loves to rip it to pieces.

I think every model is different, but simplifying the geometry and eliminating non-manifold edges helped me.


You are so kind, thank you very much I’ll try on that way, because my head gonna explode soon lol.


Finally I solved this issue, it was:

  • The mesh to quads
  • I fixed all the non manifold edges too, thanks technogenic
  • The size of my uvmap text (it was important don’t oversize from 2048x2048)
  • The addon to improve the mesh for 3D printing in Blender helped me a lot