Issue with randomCharacterPhotoFeature Tutorial


Hi, I am having some trouble following the randomCharacterPhotoFeature Tutorial.
In step 7) Adding the node’s properties to the timeline. The tutorial asks you to select the timeline, then select the glow node and then adjust the properties. However, I have locks next to the position and scale properties and cannot manipulate them as outlined in the tutorial.
There is the following information and a big lock in the properties panel that states: “Actions cannot be edited or while a controller, state or timeline is selected.”
Am i doing something wrong. The tutorial clearly states to select the timeline then select the node and then adjust the properties.
Any help would be appreciated.


Hi @marc,

Thanks for the question!

The lock icon will appear next to a property that it is already being edited by another controller (assigned to an existing timeline or state). If you hover over the lock, it will give you some information as to which controller it is already being assigned to.

In the example below, the position of the object selected is being overridden by the fishPosition controller, meaning it cannot then be added to the TimelineController that is selected.

Removing the position properties from the fishPosition controller will free the property and allow it to be added to the timeline. An example of this can be seen here -

Please check the experience you have created and make sure that the glow node scale and position properties are not locked to a controller and if they are, use the example above to remove them and add them to the specified timeline.

Hope this help :slight_smile: