Issue with importing jpg or png (Type Missing)



I’m currently having issues bringing in either jpg or png files. When I place them into the scene they are highlighted with a red underline and the “type” is missing, the png isn’t displaying in the scene either?

Any thoughts?




Hi @frank.glennon,

I’d recommend having a look at this post:



Hello George,

Trained images are fine and working. I was talking about a jpg or png that I want to use as a button within my project. It imports but when I drag it into my project stack it isn’t viewable on my stage area with the “type” missing in the object inspector? I’ve not had this issue before?

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Apologies, I must have misread.

Can you double check you still have a Plane object in your Media Library? If not, please add one in from the plus (+) icon in the Media Library.

If you do have a Plane object, then it’s most likely that the image isn’t in a supported format. I’d then double check the size of the image again.

Feel free to share the image with us over at where we can diagnose it further.



Hello George,

It turned out to be my project not having a Plane object in the library.

Can I ask, by not having a Plane, why does this affect an imported bitmap? even though the Plane isn’t being used?

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Hi Simon,

Good question.

Any image / video you have in your scene is a Plane object. Theoretically they are just planes that are assigned a material, because of this, deleting the plane in the Media Library will throw an issue as it won’t have the plane assigned as the type.