Issue sharing snapshot() with Whatsapp on iOS



I have problems sharing screenshot with whatsapp on ios, with other applications it works.

The screenshot does not appear.


Hi @orozcodanilo,

This is a known issue with the WhatsApp API, in that it doesn’t allow the sharing of an image with a caption. In instances where a caption is attached to an image, WhatsApp will ignore the image and only provide the caption for sharing.

Unfortunately as this is an issue on WhatsApp’s end there’s not much we can do. A workaround some users choose to use, is to include the desired hashtag within the image itself, so that WhatsApp will allow it to be shared.

Hope this helps.

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Hi seb,

I’ve followed the suggestion and I’ve solve the problem, thank you very much for the response!


Hello @Seb,

Hope you have been well and u had a good holyday travel!
I was testing some applications and I noticed that Zappar don’t let us share in Insta. What’s the problem? Is Instagram the problem or Zappar really can’t indentify it?

att, Higão.


Hey @higor,

Hope you’re well.

Are you still having this issue sharing to Instagram?



Hey @Seb,

Yeah, I still has this issue in IOs, I can do it in Android but nothing in IOs.

att, Higão.


Did you resolve this issue? I can’t share on Instagram either on IOS. Also how do we change the hashtag before it gets to the sharing stage? All I can do at the moment is manually change it, which is not ideal for my needs.



Hi @technology,

Unfortunately not, our team is still looking into the cause of this issue.

We’ll update this thread as soon as we have an update on the matter. Apologies for any inconvenience.

I believe George and Higor are giving you a hand over on the other thread in regards to the share message, so in case anyone else wants to take a look:

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