Issue blurry design



I am using the free account to create the AR experience and I’m having a technical issue. I previously created my designs in Adobe XD, and I exported my design as jpeg and png in high quality. When I import them to Zapworks they look blurry. Also, when I previewed the AR experience, they look blurry as well. I thought the program might be compressing my files and so I went back to XD and exported the file in lower quality and still no change. My designs look blurry. I also tried exporting my designs from photoshop in different qualities and encountered the same issue. All my designs look blurry. Please I am wondering if I can have some guidance as to how I can fix this issue.

Thank you in advance


Hi, Zapworks accept a maximum resolution of 2048x2048 pixels. You can also set the quality of the image in the properties of the media file, low or higher. That’s it, hope this helps!


Hi Nancy,

Are you using designer or widgets to create your experience?

​The reason why your images may appear blurry is due to how ZapWorks Designer and Widgets process content which is uploaded.

This content is zapified, which means that it compresses and formats any content uploaded to ZapWorks to a suitable format for the Zappar app, and reduces the file sizes of content uploaded.

​Compression is done to reduce the loading times and increase the responsiveness of AR experiences once a user scans a zapcode.

Our recommendation is to either consider using Studio (as you have more control over compression rates) or attempt to upload the highest resolution image possible.