Is this possible?


I’m completely new at this and exploring the possibilities (so please excuse my ignorance). I work for a large equipment manufacturer. I’d like to know if I can use this to show locations of wiring harnesses, connectors, hydraulic components, etc… on vehicles. All the examples I’ve seen have been something printed out with the zapworks logo. I realize that logo is necessary for the app to recognize; would it be possible to for example scan the app in a training manual and then point the phone at an actual machine / get the AR on the machine with callouts of components?

Thanks for the help


Hi @michaelj_eet,

Tracking an experience from a real world object isn’t something we typically recommend, due to the high number of variables which can alter the tracking image (shadows, other objects obscuring the view etc.).

The Accuray project was created in-house and used a custom solution to track the content.

If you’re interested in speaking with someone about the possibility of a custom solution please contact

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