Is there a limit on how many parts of a 3d model can be imported?


What i mean is I have a fairly complex object made up of multiple parts, but for some reason when I try and import the 5th part of the object, the screen just goes blank and the model won’t reappear until I delete the 5th part and reboot Studio. Is this an issue? i have decimated the object in Blender so it only has the bare minimum of faces so I can’t believe it’s the model…


When you say imported parts are you talking to studio or to a model you have already imported and then adding more models to?

Would help to see what you are doing to help you more.



Hi thanks for replying - I was having issues with Studio just going black, seems to be a common problem. I think some of my 3d modelling was a bit rubbish as well. What is intriguing me about this whole thing is that I am importing seperate elements of the same model seperately, and then putting them together in Studio - can these just be imported as a group? Do groups even exist? I’m just trying to economise on how this is all done. In the tutorials on this website, there is an engine that is imported as a 3D model that is clearly made of several parts, but looks like it’s imported as one thing…it’s confusing me


Hi @peterjoslyn9,

Thanks for your questions.

There could be something in the 5th part of the 3D model that is causing Studio to error causing the black screen issue.

  • Have you tried importing the 5th part on its own without anything else in the scene?

  • If possible, could you send through the model to so we can take a look into it further and try to understand where the issue lies?

The 3D model engine that is used in some of our tutorials is exported as 1 model from the 3D external software, meaning when imported into Studio it stays together as one. Please follow our documentation on 3D models to find out how this can be done.

Hope this helps,