Is the time it takes to unlock a Zapcode depending on video sizes?

I’m a new user, please bear with me … my first test project in Designer (including a short video) was fine and the “unlocking” process seemed short and painless. Then I have duplicated the project and added two 3 minute videos (18 & 30 MB - they are NOT in the opening scene) - but now the unlocking process takes more than a minute (same iPhone, same App). That’s too long for clients. What can I do to optimize/shorten the scanning time? Here’s my project: (bambini lingo). Any help is appreciated!


Not sure if this is helpful, but if you haven’t, you can reduce the size of the videos.

In Premiere Pro, you can export it with a lower Bitrate. This reduces the size dramatically.

You can also take the resultant video and compress it further with Handbrake.


Hi Brien, I will try that and hope it’s it. Thank you!

Hey Gaby!

I just tried to scan your experience, and it does seem to take a little while to open. What I would recommend is that you use ZapWorks Studio, which allows for streaming video. This would mean that the entire video does not need to be downloaded before the experience starts. Unfortunately Designer does not allow streaming video. I think this would be a neat solution to your loading issues :smiley:

Here is a really useful tutorial that should give you everything you need.

Let me know if you have any further questions or would like to set up a walkthrough on ZapWorks Studio.


Hi Chris, I actually wanted to create the experience in Studio first, because I needed 3D, but to be honest I just didn’t manage to get it running in that short amount of time I had - Designer was much easier. I would highly appreciate if we could do a walk through in Studio (I’m not a coder though). Which time-zone are you in? I’m CET (central European time). Thank you!

Hey Gaby, we are based in London so GMT. My colleague Daniel Hartz leads our Studio walkthroughs so best bet is to book some time in his calendar by clicking this link here.

In terms of time taken, I believe the tutorial I sent through takes about 30 mins, so might be worth trying to run through that before your call. I have also looked at the content of your Designer experience and I think you could do some really nice things with the timeline animations as well in Studio too!

ok will do, thanks again!

Great, looking forward to hearing how you get on :smiley: