Irregular display of Buttons - Dispersed


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On publishing the projects, and previewing on Zapworks app, the buttons of the project are being published in a scattered format, with irregular spacing on the Z-axis. Any tips on how can I mitigate or minimise this please?


Hi @mecbtutor!

Did you ever manage to solve this? Did they appear any different upon publish for example? I just did a quick test in Studio with three (3) buttons and they all maintained the same Z-Axis, so this is certainly interesting issue! :thinking:

If not, what were your steps for creating this project? If I may also ask, is your target image the entire image or just the ZapCode? In case this helps anybody, we recommend against using your ZapCode as your target image because it has a simple design and relatively repeating patterns; so therefore does not follow the good practice guide for tracking images.

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Hi Francesca

Thank you for the info.

Unluckily, I have not solved the issue yet. The content end result after publishing is at the preview.

Re. tracking image: No issue is been encountered as I have used one provided by the platform itself. Target image is only the Trigger icon.
As a process, I have followed the following sequence:
I chosen the trigger from the platform itself, uploaded it on the tracking image and created the buttons

Thank you once again and looking forward to hear from all of you :slight_smile:



Hi @mecbtutor,

I just wanted to let you know that I did indeed respond to your ticket, so hopefully you got it!

I sent another email this morning so hopefully we can troubleshoot this :nerd_face:

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Francesca :blush: