Iphone X screen

Hey, I we recently got an iPhone X for work use, but using Zapbox with it just is not that fun for some reason. I had tried zapbox on iphone 8 and that was amazing so we figured that on X it will be awesome. Could you enable full screen support for iPhone X so it would utilize the whole super nice screen? Now it seems like lots is cropped and the UX feeling is weird. :frowning:

Aha! Got a workaround. Settings --> general --> accessibility --> zoom allows you to zoom whatever you want so I can zoom the zapbox view to fill the screen.

Hi Frans,

We’ll take a look at proper iPhone X support for the next app release (hopefully by the end of the month); I don’t think we had ours in the office when we did the current app build.

The camera is also a bit wider-angle than on other iPhones, which should really be a good thing, but it makes it harder to calibrate well and worse calibration results in more jitter when tracking. The fish-eye lens attachment isn’t that easy either as it covers up part of the screen too. For those physical reasons the iPhone 8 is likely to be the best iOS ZapBox device I’d imagine (it’s got the exact same CPU/GPU as the X so performance should be equivalent).

I’m not sure I’ve actually tested the X inside a headset, we’ll definitely do that. I thought apps build before the iPhone X would just be cropped vertically to the “standard” iPhone aspect ratio, but would otherwise run the same. It’s possible though that the screen metrics we use for calculating the stereo rendering mesh are actually based on the full screen; which might lead to things looking weird. Thanks for pointing it out.

On the subject of iOS workarounds, auto-brightness in iOS 11 is also on by default, and buried somewhere in accessibility settings to turn it off. So if you’ve seen the screen getting dark inside the headset that’s probably the reason. We’ll see if there’s an API to override that setting, and if not, put a note about it somewhere in the setup instructions.

Thanks for the infos Simon! It’s true that physically the X is a bit hard because of the edge to edge screen, looking forward to trying out the next app release with X support.